I have a broody chicken sitting on 2 duck eggs

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Josey2, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Apr 28, 2014
    I have 2 Black Asterlopes that take turns being broody, I am so tried of it that when it started again last week, I put 2 possibly fertile duck eggs underneath her. Has anyone successful hatched something like this out? I am concerned if they do hatch will momma chicken want to roost while babies are at ground level? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    @Josey2 Welcome to BYC

    I don't think a mama hen would go to roost when she has babies no matter what they are. They are usually the best mamas out there. So I don't think you need worry.

    Now they may give her heart failure when they want to go swimming in their drinking water. lol
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    Ha-ha, yeah, I've done that too, broodies taking up the nesting boxes and I didn't want more chickens..

    I've used broodies to hatch guinea, ducks, and currently turkeys :D

    The ducks went fine, but I ended up with one that thought it was a chicken... But mom stayed on the ground with them until they were feathered then they were on their own.

    I also found out that ducks WILL NOT brood chicks. At least, not mallards. Soon as a chick popped out of her nest she booted the little guy. So mean! :p
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    I'm actually in the same position- I've got two bantam hens (a silkie x polish and a wyandotte) who have gone broody together, so I've placed 4 duck eggs underneath them..... In the past, I've hatched Calls under them for a friend and the hens seem to do fine with incubating ducks.

    The mama normally sleeps on the floor whilst the babies are still small and need heat.....

    It's so funny watching a bantam hen trying to brood 5 week old ducks (which are HUGE by this age)....:lol:

    Best of luck,
    Charlotte :)
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