I have a broody silkie

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    Apr 16, 2015
    My silkie has gone broody so I decided to let her try to hatch some eggs. She is sitting on 3 large eggs, a silkie egg, and a banty egg. It may be too much for her cause she's tiny, but I'm overflowing with eggs so I just let her keep what she choose to sit on. Is there anything special that I should do for her? Should I move her from the nesting box into her own pen? She seems pretty content where she is. She has been sitting on them for two days and yesterday I noticed that she got up and walked around for a few hours. Is that ok? I know NOTHING about this, so I would appreciate any advice and I'm about to search through this forum to see if I can find something that I should be doing.
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    Jan 30, 2015
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    Leaving the nest for a few hours is not really the best (or at least, I would be concerned) If no other hen disturb her, I would personally leave her, but mark the eggs she is sitting on, so you will know if other hens are laying in the same nest.

    I usually let a broody sit on the nest for at least 48 hours (including nights, most crucially) before setting eggs under her, just to ensure that she is committed to sitting.

    If you are unsure of her commitment and you have available fertile eggs, you may wish to consider removing the existing eggs, leaving it a couple of days and then set more eggs under her, assuming she remains on the nest for that time.


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