I have a butt pecker... now what?!!

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    Jun 23, 2014
    So I have one hen of my 14 chickens who is being problematic. She is not the alpha hen I don't believe, she is more skidish and sneaky. She runs around and plucks butt feathers out of my other chickens.
    I have 5 roosters who aren't doing much about it. They are all about 12 weeks old.
    Coop is 8 x 12 with grower feed and plenty of fresh water. Attached run is 12 x 16 with plenty of logs and stuff to hop up on and check out. I give them cracked corn, but they also get daily fruits and veggies. I read that it could be a protein issue, so I went out with tuna today and tried to get mainly that one hen to eat.
    My flock will be getting smaller once we cull 3-4 of the roosters in a couple months. I have a large dog crate that I set up with water and food in it and placed it within the actual coop. I placed that hen in there. She seemed a little nervous but then began eating again and laid down. Any suggestions??? Should she be completely separate from the rest of the flock? As in, in the pole barn or garage? Or Can I just leave her in a time out for a few days to see if it breaks this habit??

    I really don't think she is the alpha hen, because while everyone else is running around eating scraps or cracked corn.. she runs around plucking their fluffy butts.. What a booger! She does get food though, I made sure she had tuna but she get scraps on all the other days as well. Any input will be helpful!! I covered the top of the cage so no one poops on her as well.

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