I Have a Chicken that Just Lost a lot of Weight

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    I have an Amerucana chicken that is less than a year old and she suddenly lost a lot of weight. What could be the problem? Worms? I can get her started on wormer, but how do I get her weight back up? She doesn't seem to be eating anything at all and my other 30 chickens seem perfectly fine. I have had chickens for 5 years now and I have never had a problem with worms, (but I am experiencing a major problem with lice right now, yuck...) This started happening right after I put a "Hen Saver" on her to protect her back from when the roosters mate her. Could this have affected her diet? I took it off and now I have her in a separate area away from the other chickens with a constant supply of food, but she is still not eating anything. Other then her extreme weight loss, she seems fine. Has she gone anorexic? What should I do?
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    Worms? Impacted crop? Does she poo?
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    I think we need a little more information to help you figure out what is wrong with your girl, but you could try to feed her some cooked eggs in the mean time. I have yet to see my birds refuse cooked eggs. They are high in vitamins and protein. I'm having weight loss problems with my birds right now (worms and maerks-poor babies) and was told to give them high protein food to help put on the weight. Chick starter is high in protein and yogurt is a nice treat. You could also see if she will eat bread soaked in olive oil. It is not protein, but quick calories nonetheless.

    There is a little guide at the top of the "Emergencies/disease/injuries and cures" page that lists all of the information people might need to help you diagnose a problem. Maybe if you can post some more info from that list and then someone else more experienced can help you out. Good luck!

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