I have a chickless broody, you have unwanted chicks


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Apr 17, 2012
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I am not in need of chicks at this time. It just occurred to me that if a lot of people would get together, we can solve each others problems!
Some of us kinda sorta might have an addiction to incubating. Some of us have hens that are always broody. Sometimes the desire to incubate, ours and our broody hen's, means that we have too many chicks.
Sometimes a broody hen goes all three (or four) weeks, and doesn't hatch a thing. In that case, we can let her sit another three weeks, or ask around for day-old chicks. This thread is for the latter. If you are in need, please post at least your state.
I hope this works!
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Bumping this. I think it is a good idea.

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