I have a full grown Rooster that was born w/ Crookneck Can it be corrected at this age? (Also lookin

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    The breeder we got him from as a chick gave him to us for free & told us we could try to nurse him back to health but not to get our hopes up, we gave him vitamin e drops, yogurt, lots of massages and while his neck never straightened out, he started eating & drinking on his own & has grown into a big happy rooster. Is it possible for his neck to straighten out now that he's an adult? Aside from his crooked neck, he's a really happy chicken so i guess its not imperative that it gets fixed, but i'm just curious if he's past the point of being able to. I read all the info in the "lets talk about crook neck" thread, but no one mentioned if an adult chicken can be corrected.

    Aside from that, we still need to re-home him though since he turned out to be a boy. now that he is older, he crows. In the City of Long Beach, where we live, were not allowed to have roosters. only hens. If we knew he was male when we first saw him, we wouldn't have gotten him. But since chicks are difficult to determine gender, we took a gamble and got him anyway. He is the sweetest, most affectionate little guy. He loves cuddling, taking naps in our laps, and loves getting massages, especially on his neck. If you put your arm down next to him, he loves to run in circles around your arm while rubbin up on it. its super cute.

    He loves attention, other chickens, people, and other animals. He makes a great family pet, or would be great for breeding. (he does that surprisingly well)

    He has a cute funny walk and still walks in circles when he gets excited. He can barely jump or fly because he spirals back down with a THUD!

    He does need some special attention. Now that he is growing into an adult, there are a few things that have come up, He needs a lot of care because of his crooked neck, his right ear is tucked into his shoulder & he is prone to ear infections. We've taken him to our bird vet & we had him on an anti biotic for 10 days & we clean out his ear daily, the infection is 100% cleared up, but our vet warned that it may become a chronic reoccurring infection due to his neck condition. its certainly not life threatening, but he does need extra care. Unless of course there is still a way to fix his neck.

    The 2nd development is that he gets poultry lice/mites. he's the only one out of our 12 bird flock to have them, we realized its because he can not give himself a dust bath like all the other birds do. We treat him with Diatomaceous Earth & he's cleared up just fine, but in addition to his ear, he needs to be given dust baths on a regular basis, by hand. he seems to really like the baths a lot, but again, its extra care that he needs & we want to make sure the home that he goes to is willing to put in the time to give him everything that he needs.

    Hope you can help us find him a home!
    We don't want to give him up, but if the city takes him, he'll be eaten or euthanized. Please help us find a forever home for him.





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