I have a 'hen-pecked' chick..

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    I have been having staggered hatches since the beginning of the month. I also have Carmen, the rescued chicken. Carmen is about 9-10 weeks old (guess because she was found about a week after Easter.) Then, I have the two barred rocks who are about 4 weeks old (pullets from TSC), a BG that is 3 weeks old, and an EE that is two days short of 3 weeks old (that one I hatched-was stuck, same set as the BG).I also have a whole mess of babies that hatched on Wednesday, etc.

    I put the Barred Rocks in with Carmen two weeks ago. They do fine together. I added the BG and the EE in to their group, and they accepted the BG, but rejected the EE. They pecked it and plucked its feathers- way more than just establishing a pecking order. I had to remove it. I put it in with my other babies, and it picks on them. I also have my two day old Silkies separated from the rest.

    all this mumble-jumble means this: I dont know where to put this chick and dont want it to have to live alone. My daughter said they reject this EE because it looks different. The others are all black and this one looks like a hawk.

    I thought that everyone was going to be close enough to integrate young and with no problems-not so. i need advice.

    thanks in advance. [​IMG]

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