I have a hen that tries to hide her nests

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    Apr 11, 2011
    She's a New Hampshire (identified in the what breed am I section), previous owner said she is always going broody. He even put a band on her so he knew if she was the one in the nesting boxes, he also said she hatched out some eggs in the spring but he hasn't given her any since. She'll get in the nesting boxes, hops around like she's not quite sure then goes straight for my rabbits cage. I blocked off most of the hole but she still squeezes her fat self in and keeps making a nest in the same spot, she chases off the other chicken (sex-link) but not the bunnies.

    Yesterday I found an egg in there, today she is now rolling around in there and didn't even move when I came near her (yesterday and the day before she moved). However today there has not been an egg [​IMG]

    I took some video that I could post, but is it possible she's going broody?

    *Edit for another question*
    I have a few eggs from another owner (same owner I got her from), there was a roo. If I decide to put them under her how long can they stay there unrefridgerated before they go bad?

    I cracked my first two open but honestly couldn't tell if they were fertile or not.
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    Quote:Sounds broody to me. Most articles and books say eggs can sit for 10 days before incubating. If you put them under her she'll probably try to hatch them, so they shouldn't "go bad"

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