I have a large flock of Tolbunt Polish. I'm selling the whole flock. Frizzled and Smooth birds.

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    Please do not ask me to separate the flock or ask me to lower the price. This is a good price for nice looking birds. I have Two Roos over 8 hens. The two roos and handful of the hens are smooth and the other hens are frizzled. I got these birds from three different breeders so there is genetic diversity in the flock. They are young and laying well, even in this cold time of the winter I get at least 5 eggs a day. Will have lots more once spring hits. These are true Tolbunts and not mixes or other colors that people call tolbunt when they are really something like candycorn colored... I am doing a buy it now of $1300 and have an auction up on other sites that start at that price so this is the best price I will give. Buyer must pick up in person and all sales are final. NO SHIPPING! I also have a brand new chicken coop I bought from Sutherlands 6 mths ago for sale for $800. It was over $1200 new and is still brand new and only used it a month for chickens before I decided to put them all together for the winter months.
    I'm in Harrisonville, MO
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