I have a little runt! Will he/she survive? (Pics tomorrow)

Pet Duck Boy

10 Years
Dec 12, 2009
Orlando, FL
I've been wanting to say I have a little runt mixed in with my 5 RIR chicks. It's about half the size of the others, and is a little ball when standing up. They are around 3 days old. It eats, drinks, and runs around just fine. The little thing is adorable, and will fall asleep when cupped in my hands. I was just wondering what the likelihood of the little guy making it was? He/she seems pefectly normal otherwise, maybe a tad slower. But it's hard to notice a behavioral difference. Are little runts common? These are my first chickens. They are mostly for pets and eggs. And having a little "dwarf" RIR would be neat. I'll get pics up by tomorrow.
How exciting! I don't think "dwarf" chicks are common.
Yes there is a chance that he/she will surrvive.
Just make sure they don't get bullied by the larger chicks.

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