I have a mystery Rooster


7 Years
Mar 31, 2012
Lorenzo, TX
I need some help identifying this guy. He is about 13-15 weeks old. He's farther behind in development than chicks that are the same age, tall and lanky (today it's cold and he's hunched up), has very green legs, straight comb, no yellow on the bottom of the foot. When I bought him as a chick (1-2 wk old) I was told he was a Blue Jersey Giant. I'm not sure that he is because of the leg color and the missing yellow on the bottom of the foot. The green legs make me think maybe Americauna, but he has no beard and has a straight comb......I'm baffled

Could be an Andalusian. That's an unsure guess, as I am not too familiar with the breed. Could also be and Easter Egger.
Other than the green legs, he has all the appearance of a Splash Orpington. Hatched many of those cockerels here when I had all my BBS Orp breeding group. Weird....except that if he has yellow skin, as some of the Sandhill Preservation blue Orp lines come out with, the slate over yellow makes them appear green. I did see some of that way back when, so that may be what's going on.
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well those are the two I was thinking of as possibilities. I'm also not familiar with Andalusians....Someone on fb said hatchery Jersey Giants can stray from the standard, with different leg colors and underfoot colors. still confusing
Hi. Have to say he's a mix..looks just like my blue copper maran and also like my easter egger. The other pics look exactly like my black copper marans.
I don't see any Marans in there-the body type is too round. I wish I had my old photos so I could show you an almost identical Splash Orpington with greenish-yellow legs, but my computer has been in the shop for a month and my older photos are there. Now, there are BBS Jersey Giants, if I recall, so could be one of those, I guess.
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Could just be a poor quality Blue Jersey Giant, or a JG mix. Jersey Giants are supposed to have yellow feet bottoms, but that doesn't mean all of them do.

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