I have a question about Black Copper Marans.


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Feb 4, 2010
I have noticed that all of our BCM's do not seem to roost and are not laying eggs in their nests but choosing the ground instead. Is this normal or do I just have weird chickens?

Oh I too am curious - I just ordered one.


by the way
I had a rooster and still have 3 hens. They all roost and they lay in the nest boxes.
If you have a starter that just start laying and try to find a way to the nest boxes it is normal. All my starters lay on the ground until they see where the big girls lay them.
Leave an egg in the nest box so they see it and now where to lay.

Some birds don't like to roost it doesn't have anything to do with the breed, some prefer this but it is the bird that choose not too.

good luck
My bcm hen and roo roost but she lays her eggs on the floor next to the nest boxes I have 6 for her to choose from and she always lays on the floor in the corner! I have 13 other hens all lay in the nest boxes but she has been laying for 4 months now on the floor.
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I have built nesting boxes and put them a foot off of the floor and have roosts that are lower than in the other pens but they just are not interested.Maybe they are afraid of heights. I have even built them a ladder to get to the roosts but still no thanks. The eggs are beautiful but it is just like Easter. I have to go find them.

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