I Have a Question About Mold Spores

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    May 19, 2008
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    I have (at least partially) converted a horse barn into a chicken barn. I still have many plans that include windows and seperate runs for each breed.

    One of the horse stalls was used as a tack room and feed storage area. It had a lot of moldy hay in it, but since it was the biggest stall, I wired it off to use as a baby pen.

    All the hay was raked out and I used pine shavings for bedding. I have many of those babies who are having infected eyes and runny noses, and I have lost quite a lot of them. I have tried different medicines and nothing seems to work. I have moved them to a different stall, where hay was not stored.

    My question is...could there be enough mold spores flying around to cause this problem?? How do I eliminate them and get my babies well. I really need to be able to use that stall in the future.

    A friend suggested I wash the walls down with bleach water..I can do that but the floor is dirt..so what do I do about that?? I was wondering if lime would help any.
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    Lime can burn their feet, so use cautiously if you decide to go with that.

    I personally would use Oxine (chlorine dioxide) instead of regular bleach to wash down the walls. Oxine biodegrades into a salt.

    I would also use the Oxine in their drinking water once a week (1/8 tsp. Oxine per gallon of water) and follow with a probiotic supplement in a new batch of water.

    Here is more info on the Oxine:




    If it were me, I would dig out the floor of the entire stall (at least 6 - 8"), scrub the walls down with Oxine water (at least 6.5 ounces Oxine to a gallon of water for surface disinfectant), let the whole thing dry out a few days, treat the exposed floor with food-grade DE, move in a new load of dirt/clay for the floor and amend the new dirt with DE, add new, dry bedding, and move chickens back in. Whew!

    I would then rotate them with the Oxine-then-probiotic in water (above).

    Several folks here use Stall-Dry as well; you might do a search on that.

    Good luck!
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