I have a Rooster, having trouble getting on the girls....


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Apr 17, 2011
My rooster, Husky, 5 1/2 months old had been getting on a the girls fine. about 5-6 weeks ago he began limping for some reason, it has gotten better slightly over time, very slowly.

We have 3 other roosters that now matured and started to get on the girls also, he immediatly stopped that activity and would go after them. however, we noticed that he hadnt been getting on the girls very much and if the other roosters got on the girls he run over to them but just yelled and kicked a little dirt but didnt get them off.

So, 2 days ago we seperated the 2 other roosters to see if husky would get his groove back, well at least he is trying now. but he doesnt seem to be able to get up there and get lined up at all, they are will and being pretty still but it really looks like that leg is the problem.

So, how long do I give him to get his groove back? Or do call it quits. Husky is from our first hatch and we are really attached to him.

We will be getting rid of all our rooster except one in 10 days........ dont want Husky to go.
did it interfere with getting on the girls? we are not hatching aggs again til spring so he really doesnt have to have it figured out til then I guess?
Check his knees, legs, feet for any infection or signs of scaley mites. Since he's a big guy, I wonder if he's prone to growing pains (I don't know if chickens get those or not but I don't see why they wouldn't). It might not hurt to put him on a broad spectrum antibiotic and also give him extra supplements). It's always worth having a big boy around.

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