I have a shed at my new house small yard


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Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop

Just like that I was hoping to turn it into something maybe for waterfowl put a pond with a filter? Would i have to take off the roof? and maybe put in some soil and plant some plants?

It is october now when i move so stuff is going to be dying? But i can still have the pond in there? any ideas turning that into an aviary?

It is not that exact one but looks like that.
Condensation on the interior roof and walls will be an issue in your winter climate with a metal structure, even with just respiration and excretion let alone a pond.
Plus it would be difficult to 'filter' duck pond water sufficiently.
You might consider a contractors tub for a water source, enough water for them to bathe and clear nostrils, but easy to empty and refill with clean water.
if i wanted to change it to a pigeon loft would cutting 4 windows for sunlight be good enough to prevent moisture?

I just want to make sure enough clean air would be in there? pigeons do well in nasty air but i was hoping 4 windows would be good enough?
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