I have a sick turkey

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    I have a male turkey not even a yr old he has white foam coming out of the corner of his eyes I keep wiping his eye and used warm water to clean it and now after a few days he sounds congested and his gobble sack is swelled on one size about the size of a leamon when I gently squeezed it more foam came out by his eye and you could really here the congestion when I let go?? Any advise would be appreciated also I live in northern mn so it's been a cold winter, he has a barn with other animals and lots of straw.

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  2. Hello and welcome to byc :welcome I'm so sorry to hear about your turkey :/ I know nothing about turkeys but I know everything there is to know about chickens. Chickens and Turkeys are both poultry so they can most likely get the same diseases with the same treatments.I have had a chicken that had the same symptoms and she had a upper respiratory infection. To help her I did these steps and they cleared her up within a few weeks.
    1) separate him from the other animals/poultry/turkey
    2) put a little bit of olive oil and apple cider vinegar in his water
    3)put saline solution in his eyes and massage his neck a few times a day
    4) cross you fingers and pray for the best

    I hope this helps ;) Keep me posted

    Ps. If you have any other questions about any kind of livestock I can most likely answer it. You can pm me or post it out on byc.

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    BYour turkey may have MG or CRD which is a chronic respiratory disease. Tylan 50 injectable or oxytetracycline may help treat symptoms, but you should close your flock to new birds since your turkey may be a carrier.

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