I have a young pilgrim goose that is laying eggs to give away.

I am about to buy a few geese. I at first wanted pilgrims but then they turned out to be too expensive, but, if you give me yours I could buy a gander and that way have pilgrims after all! Although I live in upstate NY I have some friends that visit NM quite often, they could pick-up the goose.
There is only 3 places on west side of road on highway 32 near highway 60 and town of Quemado so you should not have trouble finding it.
It might take me a while to find someone who would be willing to drive a while with a goose in the car..... In the end I might just ask you to ship it (of course I pay for shipping).
I would rather see you spend your money on some pilgrim goslings from country hatchery in Oklahoma .. As i think it would be a lot cheaper for you. Geese are are heavy. I would not have the right carton to even ship one that far.
At the post office you could probably get a flat rate box. I think it would cost more to buy goslings than to ship (with flat-rate).

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