I have admitted defeat *nest/egg pics added*


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I've been trying to stop a pair of small finches from building a nest in my coop (on the door no less) for about a month now. I have torn down at least 8 nests, but they rebuild it. Now they have added eggs to the nest - a new one each night - and I don't have the heart to throw their nest out again.
I sprayed the nest down with poultry protector for mites, before the eggs and it didn't seem to bother the birds, cuz they've added more eggs.
I don't know what more I can do.
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Rte.66_chicks :

We need pics!

Okay, pics after I get back from town. It's kinda funny, they built a nest but the bottom of the nest is not cushioned; it's the hard wood of the door. I even thought about putting something on the bottom of the nest to cushion it for them.

Three eggs now and I have no idea when they are adding them. I have always thought that most birds did not fly around at night, but that seems to be the only time they can be adding eggs.​
I would have no issues removing the nest with the eggs and I'd keep doing it if they rebuilt too. It's entirely possible the finches carry parasites etc...(been there, done that) and I wouldnt want that headache again! Specifically tapeworms and fowl pox, and not to mention lice/mites.
Well I saw mama (daddy?) for the first time this evening, but he or she flew by me so fast I wasn't able to make an identification. Finch? Small sparrow? I'm not sure.
There's nothing in these pics to use as reference on the eggs size, but they are about the size of a shelled almond; pink with brown speckles.



I am still spraying the area around the nest daily with the poultry protector spray. I haven't sprayed the nest directly since they put eggs in it.

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