I have alot of chickens..........

Solsken Farm

11 Years
May 27, 2008
Maine, not the crowded part
It doesn't really seem like it because many are small chicks, but when I did the math, well it's ALOT!
I came into a lot of chicks this week (some planned, some not) and when adding up everyone, I don't have enough coop space, so I either have to sell some or add a new space.

So I said to DH last night, "Um, I think we might have a few extra that won't fit in the coop. I am thinking of maybe just building another coop in the barn for the winter, until spring when I can sell them."

I waited for the usual response. "NO" But instead he shocked me and said "Well that should be no big deal."

I have not told him the exact number, nor will I.



Mad Scientist
11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
LOL, sounds like my dh
. He is now telling me to get eggs
. I have my last batch (marans, which I promised would be my last) on days 12 &13 and I saw eggs on buy-sell-trade that I wanted and he's telling me to get them
. Of course I stayed strong and wanted to keep my promise so I can get more leeway in the spring
. I was going to downsize more but needed all the extra roos for warmth, hopefully by Maine chickenfest in October I know the gender of all the chicks in my basement so at least I can thin out there. Hey Jen, want more chickens? Ya know, if you have an extra coop ya gotta fill it


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