I have been to serama heaven...


9 Years
Jun 28, 2010
North Florida
I got a chance today to visit Grady Taylor and see all his seramas. Unreal. This was my first chance to see seramas in person instead of just in pics on the computer. WOW! We spent two and a half hours talking and looking at seramas. He is absolutely the nicest most patient man. I was amazed at the variety they come in...all sizes-from a 6ish ounce teeny tiny one to some larger that still made my banty hen look like a cow. There were barred and wheaten and coco pop and blue and black and white and gold laced and names of color patterns I cannot remember. Teeny tiny new babies and teens and adult birds....champions everywhere. He would take them out and show me how they pose and how to handle them. He is so nice. Even though I don't want to breed them or show them he still wanted me to see the differences in them and what made the champions champions. I felt sick by the time we had looked them all over as I did not see even one ugly chicken there. I was hoping to buy some pet quality seramas to have as pets but it wasn't looking too hopeful. I finally told him of my disappointment that I didn't see any that I thought I could get. He thought about it for a minute and took me back to see a rooster that wasn't one that he wanted in his breeding program....something to do with his tail maybe?..anyway I am going to be able to get him and a couple hens from him. I assured him they would be petted and pampered for sure. YAY! I'm getting seramas!
Wow, that is so good of him. I have some eggs in my bator now that I purchased from a BYC member. I am hoping for at least a few to keep as pets. Thank you for sharing your story. Please post pics when you get your babies.
I will. Those little birds have so much personality! I was wanting to make sure that I would really like that kind of bird and I am so tickled with them. They strut around like little Napoleons....look at me! Best of luck on your hatch too!
How exciting, what a great story.
Grady is a close personal friend of mine and all of my breeder birds were purchased from him thus they are all championship lines. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable on the breed and has been an inspiration to me and probably the main cause of my addiction to serama.
Oh yes! I can see how that happened. He is so passionate about his birds that it is very contagious but I AM NOT GOING to let this become an addiction....I just can't.....really I can't....I am today trying to get my pen ready and should be able to call him tomorrow and arrange an afternoon to go get my birds from him. It is hard to wait.
You have to call him. He is on his way to a show this weekend but you can try calling. I am not sure if I have his home number or a cell. I will pm you the number. I picked my three up yesterday afternoon. I went up there with the intentions of buying some of his culls or ugly stuff since I don't want to breed them or show them. I spent over two hours looking at all these birds, one by one. I was depressed and told him what I had intended and that I never did see an ugly bird at all! He is so nice. He fixed me up with three that he didn't intend to use for breeding and they are so cute. I will put pics up later this week! He had birds of all sizes and colors. One little hen was 6 ounces...the tiniest little thing! Ah! Such eye candy!
My first post so I'm going to make it count and meaningful! I just got done talking to my buddy Grady over the phone. This guy is the most thoughtful guy ever. His Serama's are the best there ever is. I got my Serama's from him also this guy is amazing.

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