I have chicken fever (What breed are you obsessed with these days)


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
I have a pretty run of the mill back yard flock. I'm planning on getting some fancier chickens in the spring. So I'm reading up on breeds and drooling over pictures.

My new faves are Blue laced red wyandottes.
My husband said I was looking at chicken porn.

Then I told him I was sad we lived in the city b/c I want a roo so I can have lots of them, keep all the pretty chickens and eat the rest. He said I was a scary chicken Hitler.

So I'm in love with laced chickens, silver laced coming in a close seconed to the blue laced red...what other chickens should I be looking at. And where oh where can I get some eggs or chicks???
I got BLRW and I plan on getting some SLW from Katy she has beautifull hens, but My to favorite would have to be the Blue Naked Necks.
welcome to the chicken world
I had to google them and I can't decide if I like them or not. LOL I have a feeling they are a love 'em or hate 'em kind of breed. I like that they look like little ostriches.

Okay, I just saw a pic of the chicks...that's hilarous, it's a done deal, I like them

Thanks for the welcome, it sure is a fun place to be!!
Oh my you sound just like me! I'm obsessed with BLRW. I currently have 12 but want MORE! I love them they're so pretty! I have two GLW and 2 SLW. But I love the blues. My husband calls me MRS. Tweedy... Ya know from chicken run... He says I love my chickens more then her though...
As a recent convert to Naked Necks I found the chick pics. GORGEOUS.

Yes, they do look so much like ostriches that I fooled my husband when I bought mine back as chicks and I told him they were ostriches.. He started to grumble saying that they were Ok whilst they were as small as they were, but what was i going to do when they were 7 feet tall?
After leaving him to grumble a while longer, I eventually told him the truth. (And, no, they are still quite delicate at 14 weeks, compared with my Brahmas, that is).

Have what you like best is my advice, then you will be happy.(Until another breed takes your eye)

Oh! Thanks you for the pics!!!!

Okay, the naked necks are awesome. I'll wait till we move out of the city for those though!
I just got my first mixed flock this year and am already planning a second flock. So much fun. I'm obsessed with the blues. I want a Red/Blue Laced Wyandotte, blue andalusian, a blue americana, and a breed I just found out about and can't wait to find : Blue buff orphingtons. How fun to have a varied blue stock. I love a good theme!

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