I have chickens and now I really want a farm!!!

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    Jun 23, 2010
    Bellevue, Nebraska
    I have always been the one in the family that was born in the wrong generation...I'm June Cleaver in the modern world! I have always wanted to be a mom, I sew, crochet, make my own blankets, make some of my own clothes, make the kids' play clothes, make my own curtains, wear aprons on a daily basis, grow a garden, love the country, etc. I'm not a materialistic kind of person...unlike the rest of my famiy! I have always wanted to be a mom and a wife. My husband recently decided he wanted chickens, so we agreed to get three. Well, long story short, we now have 26 chickens! Yep, 26...far from the 3 we had agreed on! [​IMG]
    Any way, now that we have chickens I can't stop thinking about moving to a hobby farm or ranch some place! If I could do it, I would sell everything we own TODAY, pack up and hit the road! I did that once before, about 14 years ago, and absolutely loved it! My husband and I are both Veterans and are so used to the traveling that we just want to be 'free' again. We want to live off the land, stop and smell the roses and raise our children in a place where people are pleasant and appreciate the finer things in life, a place where your hand-shake is your word and you can allow your children to have a little freedom without having to follow them up the street while riding their bikes.

    I found a house today that needs lots of fixing up, it's in a town of 300 people and it's only $15,000! I desperately want this house...heck any house with a few acres surrounding it...but I know if I sold everything we own I wouldn't even come close to having $15K!!! [​IMG] Like I said, we are simple people and don't demand the material things lots of people have today. We are soooo close to being out of debt; not including the van or the house we only owe $5,894.48!!!! [​IMG] The problem is I get so sad when I think of having to spend one more minute living in the city near our families who think we are 'hillbillies' and don't talk to us much because we don't want to be like the Jones'.

    Any advice on how to lift my mood, accept that we HAVE to live in the city or how we can get the heck out of dodge in a hurry! I would be happy to go to work but we just can't afford $2,000 a month for daycare! My children are my life and not only can I NOT afford that kind of money for daycare, but there are so many weirdos in the world that it's not worth letting someone else raise my kids just to live in the country.
  2. I want to live on a farm too. I would love to have a small 10 acre farm. But then I would probably go over board and get to many animals for it. I had quail. I live in an appartment. Not even a house. I would love to own my own home. It is a dream that I have. Right now I am going to start saving for a down payment on a place. I found a town 2 hours from where we live now where I can find a really cheap house for about $50,000. With maybe 2 acres. It is a fixer upper. But cheap for the area. You cant even barely find empty land here for that little of money.

    I too want to garden and raise my animals for food. But I cant do that where I live now. One day maybe my dream will come true. Even if I start out with no acres and then work my way up to it..
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    this is my dream too.
    small house, a few acres (maybe up to ten) and animals.
    urban farmers, you have already used your va home loans?
    that is what i am planning to do.
    need to bring my credit score up and then get approved.

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    Quote:you know what this is exactly what I did, and how I felt growing up. Everyone else in my family is super modern and etc..and me I couldn't be happier on a farm scooping cow poop...lol...
    Anyhow I had always known I didn't like cities or some people by all accounts. I loved animals and I wanted to do something with my life that made me feel comfortable.
    After having my daughter I decided it was time to do something or just stop dreaming about it altogether. So I did buy a house that needed a ton of work but came with 48 acres of land, the town I bought my house in has a pop. of about the same 300 or so just in the village. There is no grocery store either just a little corner store. I buy all my stuff in the next town over which is 20 km away.

    It is the best thing I have ever done. trust me a lot of people told me not to for several reasons. But I was stubborn and I knew that as long as the house main floor and rooms were livable I could fix the rest bit by bit. the property and house cost me 20k

    I re did my kitchen and took me forever but it looks great, my livingroom is updated and the bedrooms are nice. Diningroom still needs a new floor and the bathroom is a work in progress. This year we are doing the outside of the house and the roof. and in the winter we will be doing the basement finally.

    We had a 2 car detached garage we couldn't use because they build it in on the other side of the septic line, so we converted into a barn and we are presently still working in it. we take a lot of trips to the dump and stores to see what items they are tossing and the items that are good we recycle for our farm. anyhow with the land there is so much I can do. A greenhouse, chickens, I got dogs, I want a couple ducks and quails, a couple goats and a cow. My goal is to be self sufficient. I say if you really wan to do it go for it. there is nothing like owning your own farm and growing what you want or raising what you want. don't wait till tomorrow, go for it!!!

    by the way my family think we are hicks too, but we are super happy!!!
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    Quote:NEVER and I mean never give up on your dreams! I dreamed of living on a farm for years. Every garage sale I went to, I would look for and buy stuff for the farm I didn't have. But I kept the faith and low and behold....my DH and I now live on 80 acres! It may not be today....it may not even be this year. I saw farms I really wanted and I watched them sell without me. But I am now where I was suppose to be all along. It took longer than I wanted to wait but it happened. It WILL happen for you too. Never give up on your dreams. [​IMG]
  6. Charmed, that is just scary... the similarity I mean.

    I've got so many Someday plans... really, down to the gate design for pete's sake... I figure worst case scenario it can't be any more a 'waste of time' than sticking my nose in a Stephan King book. [​IMG]

    Here's hoping for Someday Dreams.
  7. charmed one

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    I am a big advocate of the power of positive thinking! Think it......see it happen. Be positive that good things are going to happen to you and they will! [​IMG]
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    Jun 11, 2009
    Quote:i want a farm too...pineapple mama, what is your avatar? [​IMG]
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    Jul 10, 2010
    i want a farm too. [​IMG]
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    Jul 11, 2010
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    yea now that i got chickens i want a horse donkeys goats and everything

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