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    Oct 24, 2007
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    thanks for all the replies i got.. my chicken is doing MUCH better. the first night we had her caged and in the house. i found the dosage with the asprin and was giving her seperate water. the next night we moved her back into the coop, but still in her cage. the asprin really seemed to help her and by the next day she was walking alot better and we had her out of the cage. there didn't seem to be any swelling. no flesh wound but she'd still flinch when you touched her leg in a certain spot. just out of curiousity, what does anyone think it could have been?? and we actually went and bought 17 more chickens the other day from a friend. so i now have more chickens and the fence has been secured [​IMG] hopefully no more accidents, just happy healthy chickens [​IMG]

    thanks again for the replies. this site is awesome!

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