I have never thought this would happen! LOL!


10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
Yesterday I posted about the chicks getting out of the rabbit cage that I set up for them as brooder. Well, I have NEVER though this would come though!

I was sitting here looking through different BYC posts when I felt something picking at me feet. I just wiggled my foot and continued. Well then it comes again, a few more picks. I decided to take a look and there were 3 little chicks pecking at my feet! LOL! I picked them up and put them back in their cage but that didn't last long. Not long after sitting back down, the same 3 chicks have came back asking for attention!

The computer is in the livingroom which is at the opposite side of the house from the dining room, where the chicks are at. Never thought these little fuzzy butts were that fast!

nature nut

10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
It's great that they seek you out that way already. You'll have a devoted following out in your yard.
My two youngest chicks were escape artists too. I'd get up in the morning and they would be wandering around in the living room instead of the brooder far away from the living room. Silly girls! They both love our black and white pom and would be following her around. I've wondered if it is because they are black and white too.

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