I have new girls!! Really pleased!!


11 Years
Jun 9, 2008
Aberystwyth, Wales
Just wanted to say I have 4 new black rock POL chickens to add to my little group. That means I now have 10 chickens and 1 duck. We brought the new girls home this afternoon and after clipping their wings we shut them in the shed. We opened the pop hole at dusk to allow the other girls to go in to roost. When I went down to shut my horse in the new girls were asleep out in the run so I had to pick each one up and put it throught the pop hole before closing it. What they will all think tomorrow morning when they are all in the shed until I get up I dread to think!! We always introduce new birds to old straight away and they have to sort out the pecking order quickly as we have no way off keeping birds separated. I have never had any real problems other than the established group get quite cross and strut about noisily for a while. So...............fingers crossed for harmony!!!
Good luck.

I've never added new chicks or chickens to my flock but I know that day will come and I won't have a way to keep them separate either.... the yard is just to small... perhaps the tool shed will become my new brooder!
Well.........thankfully all was well when I went to let everyone out this morning. The old girls are very disgruntled, ate a fraction of their breakfast and then out into the field asap!! The new girls are now finishing the breakfast at leisure and without any pecking. It will be interesting to see what happens during the day. I have to go to work so they may venture into the field while I am out. They have to go through the horse's turnout but she is on the field today so is not there to scare them. I will let you know who ends up in the shed tonight!!
I only have 2 breeds - we have 1 old black rock that has stopped laying, an old warren , 4 black rocks about 18mths old and now these 4 POL black rocks. I keep them for the eggs and find they are tough and reliable. i have no real interst in anything more 'posh' as I would worry too much about them. I like my solid girls who just get on with life and produce lovely eggs!!

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