I have no idea what I am doing?

Kuntry Klucker

12 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
I am new to chickens and the web site. I love this website I am learning so much and meeting so many people who are
very educated in chicken keeping.

My chicken situation is a little different than most. We are building two chicken coops which
are almost done, the chicken pen is coming next. It will be ready by july. My neighbor had a young rooster that was wondering
their yard. He knew that we were going to do chickens and asked if we wanted him.

Knowing nothing we accepted. now
we have two chicken coops nearly completed and one rooster roaming the backyard. I have no idea what I am in for with
chickens and one rooster. He is afraid of me and run when ever I approach him, I have learned that this is a good thing,
you want a rooster that respects you.

He is not too fond of my kids but I also learned here that rooster don't really like kids anyway, because they are fast and
often too noisy around them. so we keep the kids away till the pin is done.

Have we made a totally big mistake by taking the rooster, having no hens, two coops under construction, a
chicken pen to come and a rooster that is roaming the backyard roosting under a big tree in our yard.
i am beginning to panic because I know so little and feel so way over my head

Do any of the veteran chicken keepers have any advice given my situation or have i totally screwd this thing up bad.

Thanks for you time guys. I know that I am going to be addicted to this forum and meet a lot of great people.


No Vacancy, Belfry Full
11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
South GA
Breathe! You haven't done anything bad. Probably better since they let it roam at least you're wanting to care for it. I say hurry up and finish the coops so you can get him some friends. UNtil then feed him properly and try to win him over with treats. Unfortunately he is at risk of predator roaming loose so the sooner you can friend him and corral him , the better for him


9 Years
Mar 13, 2010
Our rooster is the best of the best..............I agree, treats work.
I was a little unclear how you thought you had screwed up..
As soon as he has hens to take care of,really do his job he was bred for, he will likely be just fine.
He is probably a little off balance being by himself.
If you are planning to start with day old chicks.that is a while dfferent story?
But good luck, keep asking questions and if it does not work out, you can rehome him.

Kuntry Klucker

12 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Tennesee Smoky Mts.
I did rehome him last night, It was bitter sweet, but everyone is better off now. I just have to
reinstate my kids comfort with the chickens. there were scared to death of them, I hope I can
show them that not all chickens are like that. My friends who came and got him said
to start with chicks, something that is little so the kids can grow up with them and maybe
the chickens will get used to them and associate with them better.


9 Years
May 21, 2010
first - welcome!
second - my 2 y.o. boy has been attacked by roosters (all but one little bantam rooster have since left the flock). The boy is a little timid, but I have found that it hasn't stopped him from wanting to be around and pet the chickens (It has actually worked in my favor because when he wanders off, I just have to say "keep an eye out for that little rooster" and ZOOM!, he's right back by my side). I hatched out chicks this spring and inevitably ended up with roosters. My boy goes out to help me feed and check for eggs so I'm hoping that the cockerels get used to him and don't see him as a threat like the first ones did (fingers crossed). Good luck with your flock!

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