I have question about male silkies...

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Bluemoon420, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Bluemoon420

    Bluemoon420 The Rooster Queen

    Please forgive me if this has been asked before. Do male silkies get spurs? It's a silly question, and it's early. I haven't drank all my coffee yet. The thought just popped in my head, and I had to ask. [​IMG]


  2. Sissy

    Sissy Songster

    Jul 18, 2007
    Sevier county, Tn.
    Bluemoon [​IMG] Good morning thats a good question.
    Iam new to silkies and have 6 I do know one is a roo
    but haven noticed any spurs but with the feathered feet
    its hard to tell and he just found his voice yesterday.
    it was his first wake up call to us.
  3. Bluemoon420

    Bluemoon420 The Rooster Queen

    Thanks Sissy [​IMG] We have two in our flock. One male, one female. Our male is hilarious. He dances this sideways moonwalk, and it cracks me up everytime he does it. He has NO problem telling the big roosters were to go either. He is friendly to people, and is VERY chatty. Our female is fascinated by feet. She will stand at your feet, just admiring them. Occasionally, she will sit on them. You have to be careful where you walk when she's around. She is also very chatty, and she reminds me of beeker from the muppets. [​IMG]

    I just had one of those random thoughts, and wondered if Mr. Fluffy would get spurs like our big guys at some point.

  4. Sonoran Silkies

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Tempe, Arizona
    Yes, silkie males get spurs [​IMG]

  5. Bluemoon420

    Bluemoon420 The Rooster Queen

    Thank you Sonoran ! [​IMG] I wasn't too sure about silkies when my daughter first got them, but they are growing on us. [​IMG] She got these cool partridge colored, and they are doing quite well with the rest of our flock.


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