I have so much wood I wanna use on my chickens but how THATS UP TO YOU

Chicken Charlotte

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Jun 7, 2010
Hello guys,

I have a HOLE heep of wood that I pulled apart from me old chook pen

Sooooo I decided to ask you guys because i'm sure you guys are full of cool ideas!! I was hoping to use it for something on the chickens, if you say a coop you have to give me a photo or a full like instruction!
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Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va
Ahh, bless your heart..I say look at photos and the steps they took..a lot might not even be in the coop section here..and yet their are a lot to look at in the coop section

I would so help you if I could..but my coops were a playhouse, revamped and ms bear here on our site did a cart coop for me and then I dolled it all up

Wishing u all the best though

Oh and search on here..the word coop

Good luck

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