I have terrible news

Sep 25, 2018
At 1:12 am this day my guinea pig Tim of five years passed away. So I decided to write a poem to commemorate him.

A friend

You were one of my only friends when we first came
At my side through our best and worst
You've lived five years father to six a mate to two
In return, I only sought friendship-which you obliged without thought

Now I watch you
The life, warmth, and energy all characters which you were, slowly drain from your body
I lay with you giving my love and heat, hoping you start anew and return to my old ami
you're spasms and grunts affirm it will not pass, your death is inevitable
For that, tears stream down to the rivers on my cheeks, too late for help
Your cooling body heats no more
With a final shriek, you pause an fall limp

Do not fret friend your memory will live on, your kin's vessels course with your blood
When you stop, you will once again be returned to the Earth
Your passage will not go smoothly for me
But it is an event in life that all living things will go through
Bless thee for what you've given me and I hope I have delivered you a life with merit
Thank you, Tim, your memory I will hold close for as long as I can

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