I have three baby Alpacas this year!!

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  1. I am so blessed. Went to check on Lacey yesterday morning, and the little grey baby girl was just trying to stand. Perfect labor and birth, no problems whatsoever. I am so thankful, as lost a lovely mom and baby in June because of breech. Haven't named her yet, and my computer won't recognize my Kodak now for some reason, so can't post pics, but she looks just like her dad, Radar. The other two, a little boy and girl, both black (my hearts desire!!!) are in Missouri and coming home in two weeks. . .going to have a pasture full!!! 11 altogether!!!

    Update: I don't think the little baby is going to make it, and she turned out to be a BOY!! Didn't look in the right spot I guess Sunday, I was so excited. His mom would turn away from him and not let him nurse, which we didn't realize until late early Tuesday morning, as he nursed a LOT when we were out there the first two days, but then I guess it was sore and she didn't want him to touch. So we have been supplementing, and milked the mom and fed him that too, but he was weak and lethargic this morning. . .makes me so sad. I simply have the worst luck with babies. Adults are great, but babies just do not seem to be my thing. He isn't in any pain or suffering, just quiet and weak. . .DH and I took turns last night every 2 hours going out with bottles, but it just isn't working. DH just called me, he is gone. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] congrats! [​IMG]
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    AWWWWwwwww! I love them. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Sorry to hear the little guys didnt make it ((((hugs))))
  6. ~Wind~ :

    Sorry to hear the little guys didnt make it ((((hugs))))

    Thanks. I have cried over these losses (lost a mom and baby because of breech in June) more than anything this past year. I just loves these Alpacas so much, anyone who has them knows what I mean, and to lose a baby and not exactly know why is just about more than this ole' heart can take. He started of with a bang, and as anyone who has them also knows, BANG they can go down just as fast. I don't have a good Vet close either, and this is a big issue I am going to have to address. I see a van in my future to haul them to U of I or at least a clinic in St. Louis that has an exceptional Alpaca vet. DS doesn't know the little guy is gone, so we will deal with more grief this evening.​
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    I am so sorry for your loss! [​IMG] You did what you could. Keep you chin up, things will get better. [​IMG]

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