I have too many babies, need to give a bunch away.

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  1. I have about 40 babies in the nursery. They are about 10 weeks old now.

    It is time for them to go to the big barn, problem is I have too many in the big barn now.

    These guys are mostly barnyard specials, but they are healthy and have grown and are mostly fully feathered out.

    Some of them are quite unique and most are very nice looking.
    The real odd balls are already in the barn. They have a home for life and I know they are pretty ugly.

    I will not ship, however I will drive miles to give them away.
    I live in south-central Missouri and Arkansas is not far away.

    These guys are have not been exposed to any diseases and have been feed with starter and poultry grain for the last month.

    I do have two pearl guinea fowl babies. One is diffenitely a female, but she was the runt. They are ready to go too.
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    May 31, 2008
    Bummer. I desperately need hens. I hatched 22 chickens... only six have been hens. The hawk got two of them when I was letting them out to free range and one of them is a silkie. So I have 2 hens laying and 1 more I think is a hen. We eat 18 eggs per setting.... gotta get more hens.


    I am in north AL..,...7 hours away!!!!!
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    Sounds like a good excuse for a road trip, but You are too far for me...

    Good Luck!
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    You just want to GIVE them away? I am in NORTH central MO

    Talk to me!!!! [​IMG]
  5. Quote:Sure, remember now these are barnyard specials. mixed breeds and nothing but mutt chickens. Some are really unique and very nice looking. If you want I can take pics of the ones the wife will part with. She has already taken the ones out she is keeping.
    It was about 8 of them. Of course these were the silkies, the frizzles, the cochins, the wild games and the white guinea. The guinea is already in the barn becuase we bought anohter about the same age and it needed a buddy.

    There are two nice pearl guineas and lots of leghorns and leghorn mixes. There are 4 nice cochin/silkie mixes, they are adorable.
    There are some nice colored ones and a few bantams, about 35 in all.
  6. We would be interested in any that you have left to give away. Could meet you in Cabool if at all possible.Plz let me know.
  7. JMajors, you need to PM me. i have a few others interested and I think this needs to go private now.

    MODERATORS please close this thread.
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    Closed at OP request.
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