I have two geese one name mom goose and one name dad goose? Here my story


We started with 11 geese and got down to 2 and named them mom and dad goose. Every time we call there names they come running. They are very protect and they only reason we kept them was to get goslings and mom goose and dad goose made the nest and then mom goose sat then dad goose and for 28 days they did that. I went online and it says 28 to 35 days to hatch. Well after 35 days I check there eggs and they were no good. :( How do they bred and fertile there eggs? I don't understand and I wanna see goslings. Every time I show the geese eggs the boy i think starts looking for stuff to make a nest. But I think it's to late in the year.


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Jul 7, 2010
then mom goose sat then dad goose and for 28 days they did that
If they both went broody and sat on the nest, they're both likely to be female. Ganders usually don't sit on the nest.
Geese usually lay one egg every second day, so if you got more eggs than that, they're both female.
Also, you should be able to hear a distinct difference in their voices. Ganders have a more high pitched voice.

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