I have two new babies...she did it..she hatched her eggs!! Good broody mommy!!

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    My broody Silkie..that has been broody for what seems like forever..has hatched her eggs!! One little gray baby hatched yesterday morning....so stinking cute and fluffy...then tonight we found another one..must have hatched just a few hours before we looked. I have had mom inside for a month now..after I found a dead chick one morning..I am guessing it must have been pushed out of the nest and was cold..I felt bad so took her and her remaning 4 eggs inside.
    I am nervous..they are so cute and so tiny..I have raised chicks before but they were always older....this is my first time experiance with hatching my own...I am so proud of her!!
    Any advice now that they are hatched? I am keeping her and the chicks inside for a couple of weeks..it is still a little chilly outside..can I move the mom out sooner than the chicks...or should I just leave her be and take them all out together? I started feeding them medicated starter feed...How do I introduce the new family to the other chickens? I have a rooster and one other silkie hen..they have been raised together..will they all be ok together?
    Sorry about the questions...just a little excited!!

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