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    Feb 5, 2009
    I have 4 small hens and just got a cockrel, 2 of the chickens are still quite young so i have two feeders one of growers pellets and corn and a second of layers and corn. is it ok for my cockrel to be eating layers pellets im sure they wont hurt him but should i get him a different specific cockrel food, also they are free range so i dint give them any grit should i be doing this?
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    Hi Hattie and welcome to BYC.
    A better solution for you may be to feed everybody flock raiser feed and offer oyster shell free choice for any of the hens that are laying.
    Layer feed won't hurt a grown rooster, but you don't want your chickens eating the layer at too young an age.
    I free range and I don't offer grit.
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    Feb 5, 2009
    Thanks i will try that
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    [​IMG] I agree, try Flock Raiser feed. I also give my birds treats of scratch, (oats, unhulled sunflower seeds, once in awhile bird seed, cracked corn etc.), in small quanities as these are treats. I give them my scraps from my kitchen. I also give them vegies, fruits, most everything that I can grow including all kinds of greens. I do grow a lot of corn and watermelon especially, also tomatoes, squash, root crops, the list can go on. I feed them everything except potatoes or potato skins. I figure they will eat what they want. I do free range them. I have never had a problem with their egg production. I keep their feeders in their coops as well as their waterers in their coops with dishes of free choice granite grit and crushed oyster shells.

    Buff Hooligan's Chicken Treats Chart
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