I hink my chick has mites

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    I have 3 silkies seperate from my other chickens. The smallest one seemed lethargic today so when I looked closer, her eyes were crusted over. I brought her inthe house and cleaned her eyes. But her eye lids were redand she smelled just kind of dirty. I was lloking for a wound or something and noticed tiny red bugs on hr skin.I read up on mites and assume that is what they are. That would explane why so lethargic due to lack of blood. My questions are 1 how do I get rid of them 2 are they contagious to myself and my dogs. dogs don't get closer than outside the wire cage but do these things jump?I want to save my chikens but sure don't want my house infested either.
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    You have to treat all of your chickens right away. Go to the feed store and purchase poultry lice and mite powder. Dust each bird from the top of their heads(be careful of eyes) down to their vents (mites love it here) and down their legs to their feet. Don't forget the tummy area.

    Take everything out of the coop and remove the bedding. Open all windows and doors and sweep down the ceiling, walls, roosts, laying boxes and floor. Let it air out a bit. If it were me and the weather where you are is super cold I would house the chickens in a garage or something for a few days and let mother nature freeze the rotten mites out. Open all windows and doors and let nature help.

    Apply poultry dust to the roosts, laying boxes and any crack or crevice that you can see. Dust the floor where the walls and floor meet. Let the dust settle and then put in NEW bedding. The mites will be killed but their eggs won't so you will have to re treat the chickens in 10 days. I treat again in 10 more days for good luck.

    Feed your chickens scrambled egg, small amounts of fruits (cause diarrhea) leafy greens and especially protein. Any bits of left over chicken or beef or port is great. Roast a chicken this weekend and when the family is done with the meal let the chickens pick at the carcass. Your chickens are anemic but shouldn't die if you get these things done this weekend.

    Inclusde some scratch and shelled sunflower seeds. Some people use the whole sunflower seed but I like to just feed the kernal. Lost a chicken to a bad crop. She was filled with whole sun flower seeds.

    The chicken with the crusty eyes......use human contact lens saline solution to clean them. Soak a cotton ball with the solution and hold it on the chickens eye until the gunk is softened and can be wiped away. It has disinfecting properties and might bubble a little like peroxide but won't hurt her. She might 'jump' because the solution is cold but it won't hurt her.

    Because mites are so contagious dust your other chickens as soon as you can.
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