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    I had a flock consisting of 45 straight run 3 month old Cornish Rock chicks, 3 Pekin ducks and 2 Rouen ducks...also 3 months old. Today, I had 10 four month old white leghorn roosters and 2 Mille De ??? Bantam roosters given to me. I asked the guy twice what breed the little guys were, but for the life of me, I can't remember what he said. Anyway, I tossed them all in with the existing flock. They seem to be OK with the introduction, just a little pecking order adjustment going on. What concerns me is that the 2 little Brown/Red feather-footed Mille De???s hid in the little duck enclosure and won't come out. They just sit in there crowing. Will they be OK?
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