i hope i can post this here, does anyone cook with couscous?

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  1. wendy

    wendy On the Hill

    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    hi everyone, does anyone on this forum cook with Couscous?
    i tried the reciepe on the back, it is so plain! yuk!
    i looked online at food network, but you know there are mostly professional chef's on there. i don't have all the ingredients in my pantry, i can get them, but i thought i would try here first.
    if you use this, can you tell me your reciepe? thanks so much :)

  2. Josie

    Josie Songster

    Jan 3, 2008
    I like to cook it and toss it with whatever veggies I have on hand. Then for a sauce, reallyy you could do anything, but I like to add some white vinegar and sugar. It makes for a light pasta salady meal, that I enjoy more in warmer months.
  3. Blisschick

    Blisschick not rusty

    Feb 20, 2007
    Shepherd, Texas
    I usually use it in place of rice. I like to cook it with chicken (chicken 'n' rice recipie). You can also throw in some veggies and use it as a side like that. Try cooking it with chicken or beef stock and season it any way you want. It's very flexible. White couscouse tastes better than the wheat, but if you're used to wheat products, it won't make much of a difference.
  4. patandchickens

    patandchickens Flock Mistress

    Apr 20, 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    I'm no help with Fancy Recipes For Couscous, but I can give you one really handy use for it:

    Pan-saute some pieces of chicken or pork chops or whatever. (That is, lightly flour the pieces, brown in a little fat/oil in hot skillet, then reduce heat to low, add a half cup or so of whatever liquid you want - water, stock, watered-down leftover soup or spaghetti sauce, etc - cover, reduce heat to med low and simmer til meat is cooked thru)

    When the meat is almost but not quite done, open the lid and toss in a handful of couscous. You will have to kinda guess, but you know what, as long as you err on the side of less rather than more, the exact amount just doesn't matter [​IMG] Get it into the liquid, not sitting atop the meat.

    Put lid back on, wait 5-10 min more, and you will have your sauteed whatever plus some nice flavorful couscous too. Dead easy [​IMG]

    (You can also add things like onions, sauteed with meat, or chopped celery/carrots/etc added with liquid, or chopped spinach or other greens added with couscous).


  5. Cara

    Cara Songster

    Aug 30, 2007
    I cook it with chorizo, garlic and sundried tomatoes. Cook the couscous following the directions on the packet. Put some olive oil, minced garlic, and sliced chorizo in a skillet and cook until the chorizo done. Add the cooked couscous and chopped sundried tomatoes and toss.
  6. mattmatts-momma

    mattmatts-momma Songster

    Jan 13, 2008
    I usually just cook it with olive oil, a chicken cube and garlic for flavor and sometimes I top mine with parm cheese. Couscous is bland, I think you could probably add all kinds of things to it to liven it up.
  7. Josie

    Josie Songster

    Jan 3, 2008
    Couscous also freezes really well cooked. I pack it in meal size proportions for hubby to take to work, or for a quick dinner.
    I like Pesto and Couscous to, which is just pesto and couscous. [​IMG]
  8. Redfeathers

    Redfeathers Songster

    Oct 11, 2007
    Gervais OR
    I cook with Olive oil and a sprig of Rosemary from the garden, sometimes a clove of roasted garlic that I mash and stir in there, it really picks up the flavors
  9. EastBayChickens

    EastBayChickens In the Brooder

    Feb 25, 2008
    Wow, I do a lot with couscous. I chop up and saute onions and garlic in a little olive oil, then add some broth and heat it up to boiling, add the couscous and turn the heat off and let it sit 5 minutes. Fluff and serve. I do this as a side a lot.

    I also like making summer salads with it...black bean and couscous in a vinaigrette is my fave. Add some peppers, feta cheese, etc...nice summer meal.
  10. wendy

    wendy On the Hill

    Jun 14, 2007
    central louisiana
    Wow!! Thanks guy's you gave me some great options! Now I don't feel so intimidated by it! I had been wanting to try it and did but like I said it was so bland! I will try alot of these suggestions! Thanks so much :)

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