I hope this works, this is my baby singing The Tide is High

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    I really hope this video works. I've never linked a video before on here. This is my younger DD singing The Tide is High. She's singing the Atomic Kittens version instead of Blondie's version. I hope everyone likes it. We did like 8 different videos and the best of the videos wouldn't load at all, so we tried this one. She will be 11 on Thanksgiving Day. She loves to sing. The music is a little loud because by the time we did this video, my arm was numb, so I leaned on the desk and I got just a tad too close to the speaker. [​IMG] But I think she did pretty good. She has a raspier kind of voice and she sounds quite a bit like a young Miley Cyrus. I hope everyone enjoys the video. Leave comments, she will definitely want to read them later! Thanks everyone!

    Let me know if the link works or not. I hope it does!!!
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    The link worked. [​IMG] She has some raw talent, but she is very young. She needs to be taking voice lessons and learn breath control. That could help to take the edge off the raspiness of her voice and get her more clarity. She has a lot of potential. Some choreography/dance class would be good for her too. She's at the age to really get into it, if that is what she likes, or get discouraged and not want to try anymore. Kids this age change their minds a LOT! Ask me how I know [​IMG] It all depends on how much she is encouraged. Put her in a few pageants and let her use singing as her talent portion, I think she would do very well.
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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    Thank you Cindi. Yes, she LOVES to sing. I've considered singing lessons for her, and she was in tap and ballet when she was little. She has rhythm, she just needs to work more on her timing. Once I have a good job I'll look into some singing lessons for her. She would like to sing professionally. She's a kid with drive, but she's also a kid with a fiery temper, and she's stubborn to boot, lol. She wants to do another video, different song, and see if she can do it better. She is aware that she doesn't have a wide vocal range, but there's a lot she can do with her voice. She tried a Selena Gomez song first, but she can't reach Selena's high notes. She's also writing a song of her own, so once that's written, she wants to try to sing it. We'll see how that goes. Pageants are an idea. I think she'd do well. Thanks for that advice. [​IMG]
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    Aug 8, 2010
    training can expand a vocal range too. Not by much, but it can.

    is there a local theatre group that does musicals which she could join? or a choir? both excellent ways to get her into the discipline of singing
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    I think she is good she just needs to keep at it practice makes perfect. Let her know that is not an easy business to break into. You have to be where the action is that means travel leaving family. My husband tried for years but he didnt want to leave his family therefore he didnt get far. He did get a contract in Nashville but unfortuantly starting have seizures from a motorcycle accident he was in so that stopped his career.
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    Quote:Not sure. We're pretty rural right now, so unless 4-H offers singing (and it doesn't, I'm just saying), there's not much she can do here, but I plan to move, and when we do, I'll look for something like that for her to join. She has several cousins that did acting in Chicago, and one is making a career out of it, so maybe I can ask him what options she can have. He doesn't sing, but his sister does. So I'll work my family connections and see what advice they can give us.
  7. mrsburd

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    Nov 21, 2010
    I smiled (and am still)!!! She did a great job... WAY TO GO>>GIRL.[​IMG]. Stay interested in singing and you never can tell, even if you stay in your own home.. keep a song in your heart..The best to you [​IMG]
  8. chicken_china_mom

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    Apr 24, 2009
    Tab, Indiana
    Thanks everyone, your words are inspiring her, and me as well. If she wants singing lessons, I will come up with the money for them, and we'll go from there. She's now excited to finish the song she's been writing. I'll be contacting a cousin to see if he can write the music to go to the lyrics. She has the beat figured out, she just can't write music, and I haven't written music in so long that I have all but forgotten how. I can read it, and that's about it, lol. If I can get her to sing her own song, I'll video tape it and post it. I'm so proud of her. : )

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