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  1. Oh boy, this morning was a doozy. I started by waking up from a bad sleep. Couldn't get comfortable. I am not complaining , just setting the scene. I was already groggy, tired, and miserable. So I no further get dressed than I hear screaming. DS1 is screaming, DD is screaming. In the midst of it all I notice Hunter, our border collie, hasn't been let into his run (potty area). I look over and see the source of the commotion. Hunter has Dizzy (barred rock) in his mouth. He is carrying her around and the kids are horrified. I am mad (yes, I know dogs eat chicken. but still, these are pets...not a food i bought for the dogs. I will work more on training. ). So i get him to drop her (fearing the Dizzy is dead) and I get him into his run and give him a toy to squeak and some fresh water breakfast and all that stuff. Dizzy is laying out on the ground, stiff like a rock. I pick her up and hold her to me (not a cuddle, just holding onto her...at this point, I know she's dead.) Then I hear it. My chicken purred at me. I look down and she's blinking...stunned. and Her body relaxes. Holy hannah, the chicken is alive! I gather supplies to see what i can do to help her. I check her all over. No punctures. Smells like dog breath, but no punctures. I get a dish tub and put a towel in it. I set her inside and giver her a sponge bath so I can check her legs, wings neck, etc. By now she's panting and shaking. Shock. So I dry her off and put a heating pad on medium under the dish tub she's in. I cover her up to darken her area to calm her down. Her breathing relaxes. Aiden finds a moth and gives it to her. She eats it. Good sigh, eh?? Then she settles down, tucks herself in to her fluff and naps. I think to myself she's got a 50-50% chance of waking up. I walk away to do household chores. An hour later I go to check on her...She's standing and pecking around her tub for food!! I can't believe it. After all that, she's fine. Resilient little booger. She is now in her run. The other girls are cooped up for now. I gave her a cat carrier to hide in if she wants. But apart from some broken feathers and stories to tell her grandchicks, I think she's gonna be fine.

    All in all a happy ending! [​IMG]
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    I sure wouldn't have given that dog a chew toy! I'd have been screaming my head off....Bad dog, stupid mutt....etc, etc....and he wouldn't have gotten a toy for a long time after that!!! LOL!!! Glad your chicken is okay, hope she gets over the shock all right!
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    oh jeeze...
    I'm so glad that Dizzy's okay.
    I wouldn't have rewarded doggie with a chew toy though either...s/he did wrong.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] I love happy endings!!!!
    I bet Hunter thought you needed some fuzzy-butt therapy, and was just bringing the chicken to you... [​IMG]

  5. He won't be getting to the girls again. Tha't s for sure. I am wiring up my electric fencing today.

    Giving him something else to chew on that IS acceptable vs something that ISN'T. It's much like taking away mom's lipstick from a child and giving them crayons. You CAN play with this. And removing the thing they can't play with...you CAN'T play with this. Same idea, obviously a different scale.

    I am so glad Dizzy is ok. I am sure I looked like a nut, crying over Dizzy while bathing her and checking her out. Probably freaked her out too. She's getting extra special treats after I get back from the Farmers Market this afternoon. I carried the poor bird around for a bit. Enough that she was getting annoyed. So she went to her run and has the kennel to hide in if she wants. I keep checking on her and she looks to be well...concidering.

    Hunter, however, will be doing his obedience drills most of the day.

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