I just bought a shed for a coop

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  1. I just bought a shed at agway for my coop. Right now the chickees are living in two stalls in my barn. The chickens need their own place so I went shed shopping today. I preordered a shed that is 14x 20 and it's really cute. It will be hunter green with two small windows for light and two vents for vetilation. Agway actually will deliver and build it right on your property. I have two old dog kennels that we will build around it for their pen measuring about 10x40 feet. I wish I could have had dh build one but the man is not handy and though this was more expensive it will be alot quicker. It should be up in about 4-6 weeks. Now how many chickens could I fit in to that area???
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    Wow, you could fit in the neighborhood of 70 standard size chickens in there! Cant wait to see it.
  3. That's about how many I was thinking. The chicks will be so happy with their new home and yes I will post pics once it is up.

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