I just bought an Old Buckeye Incubator Help anyone??


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Feb 25, 2010

I recently aquired a HUGE old redwood Buckeye incubator model 1350-49 Yes, it holds 1350 eggs and I believe it was built in 1949. It is definately a monster of a machine standing 5 feet tall and 5 feet deep and it is 3 feet wide and the wood is about 3-4 inches THICK. With all of its aged brass hinges and hardware it looks as if you could grow a Frankenstein Monster in it. All that and only a 110v!! IT has the water pan, the heat element and a fan in a drawer that pulls out on top, the airflow goes down the back air space and through to the bottom (I believe) then it rises back up. You don't have to disturb the eggs to add water but you do open the drawer. The turning apparatus is a rod that runs inside at one corner of the 9 trays. each tray has a turning rack that has an arm sticking out that attaches to one of the fingers on the rod. When you attach each finger then turn the rod it moves the rolling trays back and forth. When your eggs reach 18 days you just unhook the finger on the rack for that drawer. That way you can have 9 different hatches going (if you were that ambitious.)

I haven't really got a good look at it. I bought it so cheap ($200!!) that I was just happy to get it to my cousins house. I had to leave it there because my barn was blocked by 4 foot snow drifts.....gotta love Ohio in Feburary!! I was told when I bought it that it was in use two years ago right before it was stored away. It has been sitting in a shed since then.

It does need some minor work, cleaning, a new electrical cord, new wheels and more cleaning.....I just need to figure out a few more of the pieces to it. I was wondering if any of you have seen one of these or know of anyone that could help me figure out more about it. I know they were made in Springfield Ohio but that is about all I can find on the www.......The garage was too dark for photos, I can take some tomorrow.

I am hoping it will make life easier for me and replace all four of the Hovabators and Little Giants I have burning in my utilityroom right now.

Any info is appreciated!!

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