I just candeled my eggs


13 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Annetta Kentucky
I just did them this eve and i saw those spider vein thingys on about2/3 of the 32 eggs. Sadly it doesnt look like that cracky egg and the two black polish didnt make it
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I got a wild mix of chickens. There are different colors of silkies, frizzles, cochins, polish and one mystery chicken egg. They are mostly bantam but for a few standard sized polish and cochin. I put them in the bator last week friday for the silkies and frizzles and the rest got in there in the late evening the same day.
I picked more ornamental fowl as you can see. I didnt care to much about their laying abilities. But on the end of april i will get in a dozen banty ameraucanas, which i think will turn out to be EE's. My daughter picked those. After that its either geese(pilgrim or sebastopol) or button quail.
It can be a little difficult to tell on day 6 or 7.

Try again on day 10 before you chuck any.

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