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    Apr 18, 2010
    merge the 2 flocks!!! [​IMG] I know by now I should, I doubt I will have too many problems....but I can't make myself do it! I WORRY NON STOP!!!! Here's the deal.....

    I have 6 bantys and 5 ee's - age 21 weeks. They live in the large formal coop/run.

    I also 14 week old BR BO and EE's out in the hoop coops. The BR especially are starting already to get the red faces and look like hens for real.

    I have to cull a few roos from the coop (a total of 5 - needs to be more like 2 max so that means 3 have got to go - not happy about that either, but hey, I picked them out so I did it to myself right?). That leaves me room to merge the flocks. But I can't even get the guts up to let them free range together! They can see each other, and have been nose to nose through fencing at times, not much fuss involved....but now that the older hens are finally laying I almost don't want to disrupt that either! Plus, I really don't have the courage to let them work out a pecking order for themselves....but I want to get everyone in one spot... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] It makes my mind so tired! there are so many factors that go into this!

    DH says tonight should be the night as I am off to let them out in the yard together and see what happens. He said "You never know...maybe the young ones will follow the older ones right back to the coop and just mix". I know he is trying to be nice ... but I also know he can't raise his meaty birds until I get the tractors empty....so it could be false encouragement with a motive behind it....

    Someone give me a little courage - just a loan - I'll give it right back I SWEAR! All I need is a small bit of courage to do the deed and see if they can co exist, at least in the yard......it's so hard to watch them grow up! I wish they would stay babies forever! And that's not to mention the two "house chickens" that have gotten special treatment for other reasons....they may never be mixed back in if I can't get the guts to do it! I never knew owning chickens would involve so much worrying! they are just birds, but they are my birds and special to me. I would hate to see any victimization because I did something wrong...
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    Ok -I always merge my flocks-in fact in another 2-3 weeks I will be shutting down one coop for the Winter-or actually I should say after Dh builds pens inside the garage I will:) The best time to do it is when they free range-let them all out under supervision-there WILL be pecking as that is the order of business in the chicken world-dont stop it until you see blood-otherwise it will happen each time you let them out together. Hens will lay regardless-its not like they can cross their leg and hold that egg in...LOL your already half way done since they can see eachother and freerange near eachother-

    It is sad to watch some get picked on but eventually it usua;;y gets worked out and it might take a bit-shoot I have a few hens that have been together for a few years and they still go at it from time to time!--you'll never know until you try [​IMG]
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    Pecking order establishment is so much harder on us people than it is on the birds undergoing the process. Trust me. You just have to put on your big girl panties and tough it out. [​IMG]
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    Mar 30, 2010
    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oct 31, 2008
    My groups free range separately and move in and out of each other's way. Nearing the coop they will share an outside feeder, but oldest go first and the youngsters wait until the grownups are finished. AS the youngsters grow, they investigate the oldster's coop and eventually start staying there. Sometimes I help the process at night:)
    I suggest putting the groups out together. They will be busy eating and if there is enough room, they will manage to avoid each other.

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