I just finished building a new cabinet duck incubator


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May 28, 2012
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I had a GQF 5200 Sportsman and hatched a lot of chicken eggs. But when I started getting into ducks, I couldn't hatch a duck egg to save my life. I just never could get the humidity levels anywhere near where they needed to be. I finely gave up and sold the Sportsman. This winter the Bug hit me again. I really want to perfect hatching duck eggs. So......I built myself a cabinet incubator. I was inspired by the you-tube videos (I am sure most of you have watched, and if you haven't you need to!) 50 ducks in a hot tub.

I loved his hatcher and the visibility of it. That is what I based my design on. For now, the top shelf has 3 egg turners (123 egg capacity). The bottom shelf has baskets for lock down and hatching. I can add more shelves and more turners and increase capacity up to 4 times what it is now. But to do that, I will need to build another one just like this one that will be the hatcher.

Here are some pics of what I built:



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I am not a hatcher - I am impressed with the neatness and thoroughness of this. How about that!?

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