I just got 100 cornish crosses!


12 Years
Feb 19, 2009
mmmmmm the first batch of 19 (-6) out of 25 are great! I had some 9/10 lbs at 11 weeks.Whew! the work is hard but worth it! Soaked in buttermilk WOW! tastes like chicken!

This time I am getting 100 st run from Ideal and I will altrinate corn/turkey pellets w scratch and lots of fruits and veggies (from farmers mkts damaged free garbage)

AND I will add 3/5 buckets fresh cut grass/weeds from the field.
(I do not free range)

Any other ideas to cut my food costs? I am hoping to get these chickens to 12 weeks for some giant 12 lb birds!
Good luck on getting them to eat grass- I can't ever get mine to touch the stuff! I just picked up my latest batch of 75 from the post office yesterday morning. I'm just hoping my 10x10 tractor is big enough. To save on feed, I'd suggest buying in bulk from the mill- go with 1000 lbs. You'll cut your cost in HALF over buying it prebagged. They should bag it for you, just have them grind it themselves, rather than buying the feed they have already in bags.
i eat grass and take dust baths and they are about 4 weeks old they have there own house i just let them outside after the grass dry off and the weather is suitable.

thank sam208
sorry about that i got white broilers that eat grass my mind is in a another place
My guess is that by adding all those veggies and grass you are going to slow the growth, maybe a lot. Those chickens need high powered feed for that high powered gain. Grass and veggies ain't it. Trying to cut feed costs may end up costing you more. I could be wrong. Be interesting to see what happens. Keep us posted.
I new to meat chickens but they cant have grass even when they have there feed outside with them??

Sure they can have it as long as they have access to their regular feed. Don't know how much of it they will eat though. It certainly won't hurt them.
Well. We need to tell everyone free ranging chickens that this might slow the growth??? .....Most every one free ranges in trators. By adding grass to the diet its the same thing.

I did add LOTS of corn to the diet and mmmmm they taste so juicy and almost like turkey in a way.

Actually the last batch was at 10/11 weeks about 9/10 lbs. So I think it will be OK... My last problem was the HEAT of 100 plus degrees for a solid 2 months. I had to "water down" the run and spray the chickens to cool them off.

We also either have a drought or flood.... (never in between) So
I will have to make a space in my barn until the chicks are big enough to make it. I have built up the run to reduce the mud as well.

With 100 I will hope to have at least 75 make it to the freezer!

Nope,cutting their feed will NOT slow down their growth. Mine are pets,and alls I have ever feed them was once in the AM and once in the PM...rest of the day has always been free range.(they don't get fed much then either...they are all through eating within 5 minutes) When it came time for my neighbor to send all of his chickens to the chicken plant(he has those HUGE chicken houses,that supply the chickens to the stores)anyhow,my chickens were the same age as his,and he came by and saw mine the day before his chickens went out and told me mine were the same size,if not BIGGER than his. I've got 4 out there now that will go at least 12 lbs...the others will probably go 9-10 lbs.

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