I just got a 3 day old ended today she has been very healthy energy wise but I am worried and need s

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    Apr 3, 2017
    She has had a very faint little click when she is sleeping it's not all of the time though, But allot. She also got some clear saliva on my hand from what I think was a small sneeze but I'm not sure because I just noticed the Saliva. It was clear and didn't seem concerning. This is my first gosling so I am just very stressed and have done research but I have 0 experience. She also has almost a little tiny hot spot more of a small missing patch of fuzz on her wing it doesn't look irritated but it's yellow small and looked like a crusty scab. When I was at tractor supply I showed the manager who said she knew a good amount about them and she gave me M-T-G to dab on the area. Which I've done. Basically I want to know if I'm just being crazy or if I should take her to my vet tomorrow.

    Thanks so much!

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