I just got married, we don't need babies for a while thank you!

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Over the rainbow...
    We just got married in October and now it's time for babies. Not like you think though!! But i do have great baby news to share. our almost 20 chicks are all growing and getting ready to move into the big chick coop so that they can meet and eventually move into the big chicken coop with our first 3 opps! chickens [​IMG] My wonderful husband is about to start the outside pen & house for our 4 sweet ducklings (just because they are smelling up our room where they currently reside) [​IMG] The craziest story of all... my daughter's new cat that was "fixed" just had 4 kittens!!! [​IMG] This morning starting at 4am she went into labor and it was all smooth sailing. All of our other animals were in a frenzie [​IMG] because they must have sensed what was happening but lucky for us it was all over by 5:30. we made sure she was ok and had food and water near by so she wouldnt have to worry about being to far from her babies. The best part of the morning.... I was up early enough to make breakfast for everyone!!! [​IMG] Hope everyone enjoys their day, I know i will [​IMG]
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    Congrats on the marriage and the wonderful day you're having [​IMG]
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    What a wonderful way to start out a morning! [​IMG]
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    I'm exhausted just hearing about it all!
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    congrats on the new additions. Sounds like a busy household.
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    How does a "fixed" cat have babies? [​IMG] Will you be talking to the vet? [​IMG]
  7. bt03

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    Mar 1, 2011
    Over the rainbow...
    I really hope that made y'alls day a little bit lighter to [​IMG]

    I will be having a long conversation with the vet!!! [​IMG] I was a little upset when it first donned on me that her belly wasn't from the mice she was catching outside but i figured there was nothing we could do by that point so why not just be happy [​IMG] My DH wasn't very happy at 4 but he will be when he gets home because he is just as much a sucker for a poor animal as I am. I have succesfully found homes for them when momma decides to wean them. DD will be a little upset but it's ok, because by then our bantam eggs will have hatched and she can have chicks to play with [​IMG] Our life sometimes seems like a circus but i couldn't imagine raising a family any other way [​IMG]
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    Next time I would suggest getting the cat spayed rather than "fixed." If it ain't broke don't fix it.[​IMG]
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    Unless that cat has a double uterus, other than that, you certainly had a very busy household!

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