I just had to laugh at my girls tonite...

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Tonite I had to work, so dh brought the girls in. He had told me he would do it.

    Well, I get home, and look in their box, and I had to laugh. Apparently they had had a VERY nice dust bath before they came in. I usually wait for them to shake off several times before I bring them in when they do this. I peered in their box and it had so much dirt in it, I burst out laughing and said..."Either you guys had a dirt bath, or dh decided to put some of the yard in your box!". Then dh started muttering about how he had to inturrupt their dirt bath and chase them in and they made a trail into the kitchen, hopped in their box and shook off but his monologue about it just killed me.
    Fussy looked up me pleadingly, she was telling me "Someone PLEASE get me some fresh water, THIS water has DIRT in it!". Mom told her..."your momma will be home shortly and will give you fresh water" Fussy LOVES fresh water right out of the faucet in her cup. Then she LOVES to dump it. I finally solved that by cutting a cup handle size hole in the box, then shoving a yardstick thru the cup handle, try to dump THAT, baby! She does try anyhow! I sure would miss my babies in the kitchen. They make all sorts of noises at us.

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    Jill, you sure have some spoiled young ladies there! Lexie's little girl couldn't have gotten a more attentive mom than you! They entertain you and you always entertain us with stories about the now-famous duo of Lily and Dash. [​IMG]
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    Oct 27, 2007
    you're so cute. [​IMG]

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