I just have to share the good news!

May 5, 2021
So my 6 BSL's are about 12 weeks old now. We built a coop with a nice big covered run with tons of mulch. Everything has been going swell except they would not roost at night, instead, huddle in a ball in the corner. All the rain we have been having here in CT kept me from going out at night to manually put them on the roost. Well last night was lovely and clear so I headed outside with my hubby and a red light headlamp. I told hubby, you hold the light and we are gonna be quick. I am going to pick each one up and put them on the roost quick quick. We get to the coop, eye level with the window and low and behold; I'm face to face with a roosting chicken!! I quickly said, honey, back away, lets go, They are doing it!!!! They are roosting! oh if you coulda seen my smile for the rest of the night. Upon reflection, these gals have some personality now and like typical teenagers, they get annoyed when one is getting too close, they give each other a peck on the head to express this. I cant see them even wanting to be all balled up together. So, now I think we got the dust bathing figured out, the roosting figured out, and now my focus will be inspection for mites/lice. I'm teaching myself the best way to do it. keep your eyes peeled for my mite/lice/worm prevention questions and concerns! Thanks again BYC peeps. Your knowledge and sharing does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. 🐥 ❤️

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