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    Aug 6, 2011
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    How many just lock up the coop? I have a slide down door from the coop to the brooder with a side access door and have never locked the brooder slide down door separating the 2 areas. Then I have a lock on the coop door. Do yall lock the run, coop and the brooder door? Or just the coop or just leave em out. I will be closing and locking all the doors now. Not just the coop but the brooder doors as well.

    Do you lock them up all night in an area that is wood on all sides? My brooder is like that. I am disabled and do not get up before 9am so I started leaving the brooder to coop door open, being lazy. I will either get up and let them out or they stay in the lock box until I get up from now on. How about you folks, what is your plan to keep em safe?

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    so sorry for your loss. i lock our run door, and coop at night. always. i have forgotten and have been lucky. sorry again. [​IMG]
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    I got a terrible imagination.......got a pic?

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